Call for Papers : Thriving on the Edge of Cuts: Inspirations and Innovations in Gender Studies

Thriving on the Edge of Cuts: Inspirations and Innovations in Gender Studies is a conference organised by students at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies in conjunction with students from the School of English at the University of Leeds.

Thursday, 23rd of June 2011

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kath Browne, School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton

In 2010, the British government decided to cut funding for university Arts, Humanities and Social Science departments, thereby endangering spaces for critical social thought. This conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for up and coming researchers in the field of gender studies.

We welcome papers relating to gender from all disciplines in order to create a space for inspiration, innovation, dialogue and transformation. In addition to individual papers, the conference will also provide a space for discussing the impact of the cuts, in the form of a round table discussion at the end of the day.

Topics of interest may be:

  • femininities and masculinities
  • feminist and queer politics and activism
  • bodies and identities
  • gender and technology
  • queer spaces and geography
  • feminist and queer methodologies
  • gender and management
  • sexualities
  • popular culture
  • sexual health and education
  • social policy
  • gender and natural sciences
  • gender and developmen
  • postcolonial and diaspora studies
  • performing arts
  • queer marketing
  • gender and religion

The above topics are intended as suggestions only. We are open to contributions from people at all academic stages. However, we especially encourage contributions from MA and PhD students, as well as scholars at the beginning of their careers.