Call for Papers : Theorising Futurities in the Social Sciences

In times of crisis and social change, the question of the future can become increasingly pressing. Amidst the threat of continued economic recession, extensive budget cuts, and the growing intrusion of government into the sphere of academic research, it is understandable that the future has become shrouded in discussions of impending catastrophe and the indisputable sensation that things can only be getting worse. This edition explores this by asking how the future is being represented and played out in the contemporary social world. It asks how we, as social scientists, theorise futures in times of apparent social crisis and change, and asks how these dynamics may affect our methodological and epistemological approaches. Must we always strive for ‘positive’ futures? And what could come out of a social science driven by ‘negativity’? We therefore welcome papers that reflect upon the following topics:

  • Theories of futurities
  • Theorising futurities in times of social crisis and change
  • Problematising apocalyptic / utopian models for theorising futurities
  • Representations of the future in the contemporary social world
  • The role of the future in social science methodology and epistemology

This CfP also marks the introduction of new editors, Alexa Athelstan and Rosemary Deller, to the editorial team of GJSS. With this change in mind, our discussion of the future would not be complete without reflection upon the future direction of GJSS. As a result, we will also be welcoming general feedback on the aims and paths pursued by the journal, including suggestions on future themes.