Call for Book Reviews : Sexuality in Focus

The Graduate Journal of Social Sciences (GJSS) invites book reviews for its December 2012 special edition on Sexuality in Focus. This issue is inspired by the Network of Interdisciplinary Women's Studies in Europe (NOISE) 2011 Summer School, which was hosted by the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands). This year's theme was 'The Miraculous (dis)appearing Act of Sexuality: Mapping the Study of Sexuality in Europe, 1960-2010'. Central to this summer school was the exploration of what has appeared in discourses of sexualities and what has been missing. The special issue aims to further explore this complex and multifaceted subject.

Part of this issue will be dedicated to critical discussions of recent literature on sexuality. We invite scholarly contributions from postgraduate students, early career academics and activists engaged in LGBT, sexuality, feminist, queer, women's and gender studies or related areas, to submit a book review for consideration.

We suggest the following books (but personal suggestions are also taken into consideration):

  • Sex, Politics and Society (Themes in British Social History) by Jeffrey Weeks (2012)
  • Sexualities: Past Reflections, Future Directions (Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences) by Sally Hines and Yvette Taylor (2012)
  • Identities and Inequalities: Exploring the Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality, 2nd edition by David Newman (2012)
  • Policing Sexuality: Sex, Society and the State by Julian C. H. Lee (2011)
  • Policing Sex by Paul Johnson and Derek Dalton (2012)
  • Women of the Church: The Religious Experience of Monastic Women by Patricia M. Rumsey (2012)
  • Sex Power and the Games (Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences) by Professor Kath Woodward (J2012)
  • Sport, Masculinities and Sexualities by Eric Anderson (2012)
  • Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Gender, 6th edition by Jacquelyn White (2012)
  • Technologies of Sexuality, Identity and Sexual Health (Sexuality, Culture and Health) by Lenore Manderson (2012)
  • American Multicultural Studies: Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality by Sherrow Pinder (2012)
  • HIV Prevention With Latinos: Theory, Research, and Practice by Kurt C. Organista (2012)
  • Prostitution, Harm and Gender Inequality: Theory, Research and Policy by Maddy Coy (2012)
  • Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality, and the Hygienic Imagination by Sheila L. Cavanagh (2012)
  • Transfeminist Perspectives in and beyond Transgender and Gender Studies by Anne Enke (2012)