Call for Papers : Interdisciplinarity: Methodological approaches

The GJSS is committed to provide examples of and discussions over pluralism in methodology across the disciplinary borders. All varieties of crossing disciplinary boundaries challenge the highly driven specialisation of the established disciplines as well as the arbitrariness of disciplinarity in itself. In light of increasing interest in and need for interdisciplinary research, the Graduate Journal of Social Science provides publishing opportunities for research papers falling outside the scope of traditional subject divisions.

The GJSS welcomes contributions that

  • discuss methodological issues of interdisciplinary relevance at the theoretical level, or
  • contain examples of this type of research in the form of specific case studies, or
  • combine these two aspects, such as a theoretical discussion with reference to research experiences/data or case studies containing a rich discussion of methodological premises and implications.

The GJSS welcomes the submission of articles, comments and feedback and encourages the submission of work, by MSc/MA/MS, MPhil, PhD students and young and more senior academics.


Mia Liinason